PGR asked to be conscious, tactful in discharging duties

hamid pic okBangladesh President Abdul Hamid on Sunday highlighted the duties and responsibilities of President Guard Regiment (PGR) and asked them to remain conscious so that important persons of the state do not get alienated from the commoners while discharging their duties.
“Most of the persons for whom you provide security are political personalities and connected closely with politics. So, they carry out political activities apart from discharging state and government duties and maintain contact with leaders and activists,” he said while addressing the Darbar of PGR at Shahid Captain Hafiz Hall at the PGR Headquarters in Dhaka on the occasion of its 40th founding anniversary.
“For the reason, you have to be very conscious and tactful in discharging duties and the matter must be considered with importance so that important persons of the state do not get alienated from the common people, including leaders and activists. I hope you will be successful in this regard by using your talent and skill,” he added.
On one side the duties bestowed upon PGR members are a matter of pride and on the other, it is very important too, said the President, adding, “I believe that you would play your due role with deep sincerity as you are getting the rare opportunity to uphold dignity of the Bangladesh Army as well as the country by taking part in state programs.”
“Your area of work has been increasing every day and for this reason, organizational structure of the PGR has been expanded, he said.
Abdul Hamid said the government will take up plan in future to strengthen the PGR further basing on the expansion of its duties. Necessary steps would also be taken for its welfare and development considering the duties and dignity of the regiment, he added.
Abdul Hamid also asked the PGR members to discharge their duties remaining fully loyal to the chain of command.
“I hope that you would remain fully loyal to the chain of command in discharging your duties and play strong role in increasing the standard of the PGR,” he said.
Pointing at the PGR members, the President said, “Keep in mind that any sacrifice of you while discharging duties and responsibilities bestowed by the nation and country will always be remembered.”
Later, Abdul Hamid signed the visitor’s book and attended a photo session with officials of the PGR.
Chief of Army Staff General Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, Acting Commander of the PGR Colonel Md Jahangir Harun, high military and civil officials were also present on the occasion. –Our Monitor (Photo: PID)

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