Al-Quds: A short review of Baitul Mukasddas

Baitul Mukaddas is the first Qibla of Islam and the third holy place after Macca Muyajjama and Madinatul Munawara. Hazrat Muhammad (SM) refers the journey to Masjidul Haram, Masjidul Nababi and Baitul Mukaddas as the special holy conduct that he did not say about other mosque. After Hijrat Baitul Mukasddas became the first Qibla. This place is not the common like the others place of the world. From this home, the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM) went to Miraj. Baitul Mukaddas and its surrounding places are memorable for many great prophets. This name is not only related to one place but also inspirable with the faith and Islamic culture. Mazar of innumerable prophets are here. The place where came down Ohi (verses of Allah). That’s why the love of this place deeply sown in the heart of the Muslim Ummah.

But, on 15 May, 1948 Israeli state became established through the Bellfore Declaration. After the establishment of this state Israelis became more furious and started to massacre the Muslims. Under their oppression the Arabians left their country in different groups. In spite of this Baitul Mukaddas was under the Muslim till then. But in the war of Arab-Israel in 1967 AD it could not be recovered by the Muslims for the weakness of the Arab. The oppressed Philistine people are continuing their struggle to recover their habited land and Al-Quds (Masjidul Aksha/Baitul Mukaddas).

One by one Israeli inhabitants settled in West Bank (Poschim Tir) and in Gaza. The Palestinians, who protest it, were massacred by the Israeli tank. Merely after the establishment of Palestine state, the Israel and his guardians made fun with this state. At any times the Israel invades the Palestine and destroys habitants their in the name of preventing terrorism.

They killed their innocent children. The last days of the life of Yasir Arafat passed in prison. The Israeli military destroyed lion’s portion of his presidential buildings (Ramallah). As a result, Yasir Arafat had to make cabinet meeting in his dining table.

After the death of Yasir Arafat, Mahmud Abbas was elected president. His USA-slant policy made separate him and the PLO from the mass-people. By wining in election 2006 Hamas made their government. They were more strictly opposite to PLO. They don’t allow the Israel state. So, conspiracy begun against the democratic elected Hamas government. The World Bank and IMF, led by USA, stopped their help for Palestine. They (USA) recognized Israel and made condition to Palestine. As a result the Palestine defense was broken, their payment was stopped. Medical and Education system were also broken. With that, in the name of controlling terrorism, Israeli expedition against Palestine was going on. Everyday Israeli tank enter into the Palestinian area and destroy their long time houses and everything. But USA, UK and UNO don’t say anything against them. Hence they created pressure on Hamas to take strict step against what they termed “Palestinian’s terrorism”. Is it possible that the Israel will destroy their inhabitant by tank, kill their leader but they will not stand up against it. The name of legal protestation struggle of Palestinian is Intifada. Intifada is neither terrorism nor Jangibad (militancy). Intifada is the commitment of standing up against the persecution and heinous activities of Israel. Israel and his guardians are afraid of Hamas and Intifada. That’s why USA-favorite president Mahmud Abbas dismissed Hamas government. Elected Hamas government was dismissed, but it was not marked by any violation of human rights and democracy in the eye of the west. Ingo-Markin power wants a dead and ruined Palestine state by recognizing Israel and ensuring its security. The existence of democracy in Palestine is not under their consideration but their target is to establish in Palestine an Israel-favored government.

Israel, the septic boil of the Middle East, born through a artificial way. So far as long the Israel state exists the Philistine will be reproached and oppressed. Peace and stability of the world will be impeded again and again. Israel is a hindrance not only for the Hamas but also for the whole Muslim world, especially a threat for the peace and security in Arab world. That’s why the Muslim Ummah should take stern and united step against this so called state. All Muslims should stand by the Palestinian people. It is impossible to achieve full freedom of Palestinian people by holding a court or with the help of White House. For that it is called that Intifada is the best way to achieve freedom.

The great leader of Islamic revolution in Iran in 1989 AD, Imam Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini called the Muslims to celebrate the last Friday of Ramadan as the Al-Quds Day every year. From then it is being celebrated in the whole world. Al-Quds means Al-Aqsa, is called Baitul Mukaddas, the second Qibla of Muslim Ummah. Today this Masjid is confined by Zionist power. Let’s celebrate the last Friday of Ramadan, 22nd Ramadan 1436 H, 10 July, 2015 and pledge unitedly that if we can pray freely in Al-Aqsa, the Palestinian brothers will achieve complete freedom and struggle will continue for recovering Al-Quds. To free Al-Quds, Palestine with Jerusalem has to make free also.

–Mohammad Asifur Rahman (The author is the Executive Editor of quarterly Protyasha)

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