Election Commission announces updated voter list

The latest draft voter list was published on Thursday with an additional 46,72,176 voters. Secretary at the Election Commission (EC) Md Sirajul Islam told the press.

By the latest count, the total number of voters now stands at 9,06,23,706 persons. Of them 50.38 per cent are men while the rest are women.

The draft voters’ list would be published tomorrow by the EC in every district, upazila and ward. Besides, it would also be available on three websites: www.ec.org.bd, www.ecs.gov.bd and www.sevices.nidw.gov.bd.

Last date for enrolment, modification and objections about voters would be January 17, 2015.

All adjudications would be completed by January 22, 2015 and the final list would be published on January 31, 2015.

During the current update 4,49,901 persons were delisted, as they had died. The EC official specially appealed to people to bring to their notice the names of Rohingyas, if they happened to be on the voters’ list.

“The problem was particularly acute in the districts of Cox’s Bazaar, Bandarban and Rangamati”, the official said. Therefore, a special committee had been formed to check the enlistment of foreign nationals in the voters’ list.

The committee had delisted some 50,000 voters in 2010 and 17,000 people in 2012 on charges of being Rohingyas. –Our Monitor

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