How to write a Report: A lecture on depicting the Adolescent’s Issue

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am glad to see some enlightened people of the society assembled here to serve humanity. Thanks to the organizers for inviting me here. You have honored me very much. Today’s arrangement has been titled as a ’Workshop on Report Writing on Adolescents Issue’. The subject is very important one and the outcome of the workshop, I hope, will be very useful. Organizers can demand an appreciation for this modern type of arrangement.
The subject itself desires an elaboration with a positive outlook. This is a workshop on writing report and its centre point is adolescent’s issue. I am separating the elements of the sentence to show importance of all the terms included in the subject.
The title of the workshop reflects that it contains only two elements. One is Report Writing and the other is Adolescent’s Issue. I would like to divide it into three parts.
First, the adolescent, second is the issue and the report writing is third. Adolescent– Who is an adolescent? We can discuss it first. According to Longman Dictionary, an adolescent is “a young person who is developing into an adult”. Chambers Dictionary says, an adolescent is “a young man at the stage of development between childhood and adulthood, or between puberty and adulthood”. We can think it as the onset of sexual maturity. That means just crossed the juvenile stage.
How we will be able to identify the adolescents? Is it not tough and complex? We don’t know when a girl will become extremely puzzled to see that she is bleeding without any exotic injury.
If she is lucky enough to have a grandma or wife of elder brother with a sweet family bondage, there is a chance that she can get a proper guidance and teaching on the new phenomenon. But, you know, family bondage in our society, now-a-days, loosened very much. Similarly, how we will be able to know when a boy of juvenile stage shall wake up
from sleep discovering that his lower dresses have been spoiled with some gum-like substances? Where he will get the answer and knowledge? How others will know about him?
The whole process of the adolescents remains beyond classroom teachings. According to recent FPAB survey, 23 per cent of our country’s total population is young people. So, it is sure that a large part of them are adolescents.
A juvenile who is clever or intelligent much more than his age coverage can attract others’ attention. They are not huge in number. And ignorance about this critical stage of life remains high.
In this circumstance, identifying the adolescents is obviously a hard job. Now, please allow me to come to the word “Issue”. “Adolescents’ Issue”– That means “The Issue of the Adolescents”.
What is the “Issue”? I think, this forum member organizations have already analyzed the word before taking various programs on it.
For making thinks easier I would like to spend some words on this word.
What may be the issue of the adolescents? Is it the biological process? Or, the healthcare issue? Are we going to select some photogenic beautiful guys for our drama, film or advertisement? May be, we can think over teaching them something for their betterment. We can make them aware, so that they can save themselves from any harm.
They need guideline to stay free from any sexual abuse. They can be given idea on human smuggling, flesh business etc.
Moreover, we should keep in mind that in this stage adolescents do not know enough about their capability and vulnerability. An adolescent boy is a person whose inspired blood flow can create sperms which is (or to be) fit enough to be sowed in a human land.
An adolescent girl is a land where only a single sperm can grow a tree to harvest a human being.
But, in most cases, none of them are aware of the aftermath of all these happenings—if happen.
Moreover, if the surroundings are full of opportunists and unethical elements, they can misuse the ignorance of the adolescents.
There are risks for a girl to be plucked down from the society and the boy can easily find way to HIV/AIDS.
We discussed the word “Issue” only to draw your kind attention to the issue that the word “Issue” must be classified and analyzed well. Hope that you have already sketched it.
Here we can summarize that what is the adolescents’ issue will be described by the organization concerned of the forum.
We discussed at length on two words: Adolescent and Issue. May we get something new from this deliberation to think over “the issue of the adolescents”?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I know, you have organized the workshop to have an idea on how to write on the “Issue of the Adolescents”. We shall now step into this vital part of the workshop.
May be so that most of you know better than that of mine on the subject—much more than what we have discussed or will do. As a professional journalist I will try to help grow your confidence on your capability. You are dealing with the affairs of your arena well.
So, it is usual that the concerned persons will know better on the subject. For this reason, before beginning on ‘Writing Report’ I want to keep my apology pending before you for any limitations.
Dear participants,
Writing is science, writing is literature, it is history, poetry, story, news and what not!
A sound, a Big Bang created the universe. A sound is enough to destroy it. A sweet word can save a life. A harsh word can irritate someone to commit suicide. Words of mouth are powerful, in writing those are more powerful, in photographs they are something more.
Here I will try to be brief to speak on writing. That means report writing. We are keeping the speech and photograph issues aside for next opportunity.
Our main and final term is ‘Report Writing’. The subject has been chosen as “The Issue of the Adolescents”.
Now, we can begin on Report Writing.
Here, at this stage, I want to ask you a question. That is: Who allowed you to write on the issue? Are you entitled or empowered to write on the issue?
Answer may be so: Yes, my organization ordered me to write on the issue.
Question: Is your organization possesses the right to order or assign you to write on the subject?
Possibly, the reply will be such as: My organization is registered with the government or others can say, my organization is approved by Social Welfare Directorate.
So, it is all right. Your organization in an authoritative way has assigned you to write a report on an adolescent’s issue. They gave you an identity card and a paper of assignment duly signed and sealed in a printed pad of the organization. Now you are prepared to write a report. You are capable enough to do the job.
At this stage we can speak on the ABC of Report Writing. Those are common in all kinds of report writing.
There are difference between study report and news report. Report to be submitted to the office of the organization and that one for newspaper office will be different in kind.
The report to be submitted to the concerned organization on any issue will be elaborate and when making for newspapers it can be brief.
Victim’s whereabouts such as name and address will be kept in the office and those may not be sent to newspaper offices. If sent a good newsman will exclude those while editing the news. Wise journalists usually preserve the information as document and think over the future of the victim. Disclosing all the things is not always wise.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
You know, while write a report on any subject 5Ws are always be answered to make the report perfect. Lacking anyone of those will weaken the report.
The 5Ws are: Who, What, When, Where and Why.
If you possess good command of the language and write on the issue answering all 5Ws you will get a perfect report.
To follow this guidelines let us go through a small report on a girl.
The report says:- “A girl named Tuntuni (not real name), aged around 18, was gang-raped by some miscreants at Nishiganj village of Blacknagar thana of Amanisha district at the night of January 10, 2014”.
Police sources said, she went out from her cottage at dead of night to response to nature’s call. As she not came back, her mother searched for the girl but not found her. The father of the girl was not at home at that fateful night. The next morning a villager found Tuntuni lying unconscious in a nearby paddy field. Getting information police rushed to the spot and rescued the girl. She is now undergoing treatment at the local health complex.
Tuntuni’s father filed a case with the local police station in this connection. The girl regained consciousness after treatment. Investigation is going on, OC of Blacknagar told the journalists.
None was arrested till writing this report. Police said, they were trying to nab the responsible persons.
Before analyzing the report we gave it a title, that means, heading, for the news report. The heading is: ‘Girl gang-raped’. It may be mentioned here that the heading may be made in many ways.
Now let us look into the report. If we ask “Who?” the answer is “Tuntuni”. What? Reply is that “The girl was gang-raped”. When? “At the night of January 10”. Where? “In a paddy field of Nishiganj village of Blacknagar thana in Amanisha district”.
There is another question yet to be replied. The question is: Why? The answer may be that she went out alone at night. Or there are many miscreants in that village. Another answer will be that her father was not at home that night. Many causes may be found out and can be written in the report.
(If answers to those questions do not cover the answer of ‘how’ then please write it. Usually those contain the answer.)
This report is containing all necessary information of a news item. If the concerned reporter does not want to work more, the report can be sent to his newspaper and of course it will be published.
But if you want to send this report to your organization it will not do. You will have to be much more elaborative. When an organization plans to collect information on a subject, remember that it requires information from all aspects and dimensions of the incident. In case of survey also things must be very much elaborative containing all descriptions and information.
When an executive, representative or assigned investigator goes for writing this report much more information should be included which may make the report perfect one. Then the concerned office will be rich in information and will require going nowhere to get answer of any question regarding the incident.
Let us think over the aforesaid report. What kind of information may be added to this item for enriching it?
If you go to write the report please collect all information about the family of Tuntuni including her social status and surroundings. Get police version of the incident. Have the opinion of the administration, people’s representatives and local people. If possible, avoiding risks, try to get views of any criminal also. And don’t forget to take Tuntuni’s version. Remember that she may be in medication, panicked or surrounded by the evil-doers.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
When writing a report please avoid some nonsense terms seen frequently being used in newspaper reports and other write-ups.
As for example, a report contains a sentence such as “Police could not arrest the culprits”. Such style doesn’t follow the norms of information-related laws or ethics. Police never say that they are unable to catch any criminal.
When you are writing on criminals please don’t write that “Police nabbed the criminals or dacoits”. Say “alleged criminals”. Because the court is yet to declare the accused person “a criminal”.
We have to be very careful to write on the subjects pending in the court. All court affairs can not be written without permission.
Use of a prefix, suffix or a word may cause a defamation suit. Careful use of those alphabets may keep you free from a lot of problems.
Actually a good “Report Writer” always stay absent from his or her report. It is a matter of skill and experience. All can not do it.
Quoting others to compile information on the subject is wise. Please don’t try to be a self-¬declared authority on the subject. Compile others’ views and give the performance a totality. Keep no question unanswered.
Dear Participants,
Writing Report is a very important and wide-ranging subject. You know, according to all religions, the Creator will make the verdict on all Creatures on the basis of Reports. And the system is similarly important in our worldly affairs also. Without getting exact report
all of your plans and programmes will go in vain.
So, I think, you can feel the intensity of Report Writing process. We shall have to remember always that wrong-doers will always try to keep the truth in the grave and a Report Writer will try to dig it out. It is an unending war.
Education, skill, consciousness, devotion, courage and honesty are some of the virtues which can make a perfect reporter.
The initiative of the organisers, as the process proves, will yield good results. Concerned persons are wise enough to understand the necessity of getting the truth to go on with social welfare activities. Today’s arrangement must add speed to the activities of its member organizations.
Respectable Executives,
You know that precaution is better than cure. If an adolescent fall in trouble there is no doubt that anyone or more than one of your organizations will stand beside the victim. This is good news for them.
I would like to draw your kind attention to evolve a mechanism collectively in this regard to save the adolescents before they are victimized or harmed. A fault-free mechanism is needed to address this sensitive and risky issue. In this perspective also, a broad and countrywide report collection on them will be needed. I hope that your office is already working keeping it in mind.
Dear Members,
In this workshop on Report Writing we discussed very little on the subject. But the participants of this workshop, a conscious group of the society, are capable enough to gain a lot from a little dot. Again I want to say that today’s arrangement is the proof of the awareness of the organizers.
I express my happiness again to be here. Please don’t hesitate to disturb me for any cooperation in future. At the time of necessity any telephonic discussion will also be welcome.
At last I would like to issue a warning for would-be Report Writers.
Always take precautionary measures for your safety while going somewhere for Report Writing on any issue. Try not to go alone. Seek cooperation of the competent authorities. Stay focused in front of important eyes. You must survive for writing the next Report.
Dear organizers of the workshop, I hope that you can allow me to conclude this time. Your success will enlighten me obviously.
Thank you.
M. U. A. Selim

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