Heart patients should be given special ID cards

Number of heart patients is rising in Bangladesh as elsewhere in the world. Many of them receive treatment locally and the rich one goes to India or America to get a costly cure.
There are three basic categories of heart patients here as well as anywhere in the globe. First, the ones who take medicine for heart problem, second, those who got Stent (locally known as Ring) through angioplasty and the third category of heart patients are those who underwent surgery.
The second and third categories of heart patients also need to continue with medicines regularly and all the heart patients have to run rest of their life with a bundle of medicines and discipline. They must eat foods approved by the nutritionist. Most of them are advised to keep emergency oral sprays.
At present, a very important thing is being ignored by the authorities concerned who deal with the heart patients. That is, heart patients bear no special identity cards (IDs) describing their condition. It is very important for them. The hospital or the doctor concerned should issue an identity card to the heart patient after his survival and release. The card should contain all basic information about the patient. If it is done and if the patient falls sick on the way, giving him medical attention will be easier for all. The card will lower his risk and raise the possibility of survival in any situation.
So, introduction of ID card system for heart patients in the country is an urgent need now. Attention of all hospitals, doctors and government officials is seriously needed in this regard. – Staff Reporter

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