Is the city bus fare fixation fair enough in Bangladesh?

Who will believe that the bus fare between Gulistan and Mirpur in the capital city of Bangladesh was Tk 3 (three) only few years ago? Someone, aged below 20 will never believe it. Yes, dear readers, the fare was taka 3 long ago. This reporter remembers it with a mere bitterness.
One day I boarded a minibus from Mirpur Section-10 and I had only Tk 10 with me. I gave it to the conductor. He did not return the remaining Tk 7 saying that there is no exchange. By the by, it is to inform the readers that sometimes a wicked bus conductor will not give you the rest money instantly and wait for such a situation that you will forget it and get down from the transport at your desired place.
However, I was not informed enough about such bus conductors. When the minibus reached Supreme Court turning near National Press Club, I was telling the conductor to return Tk 7. He told me: I am giving the money, you get down. I got down and the minibus sped away toward Gulistan not returning my money. That day I had to borrow money from a journalist at press club to return to my residence at Mirpur.
In many phases the bus fare between Gulistan and Mirpur was raised many times.
The bus fare on this route is now Tk 20, Tk 22 and Tk 24. Any one can ask why the difference. Is the transport taking Tk 24 is better. The answer is: No. Is the transport taking Tk 20 is service one kilometer less? The answer is: No. Then why there is a gap of Tk 4? There is no logical answer to this question because there is no genuine cause.
On this route, bus conductors say that it is very hard for them to tackle the passengers. The passengers accuse that most of the bus conductors and driver are rough and unmannerly.
A passenger on this route frequently will experience that near the National Press Club most of the bus drivers, going toward Gulistan, want to offload the passengers in the middle of the road and the buses going to Jatrabari very often hesitate to stop at press club stand and take the passenger to Paltan. And they are always determined to insult the passenger if protest comes.
To tell the truth we asked many people about this hazard of bus fare and service. Most of the people opined that the problem is “rooted” in the bus owners and it is “overlooked” by the authorities concerned and “tolerated” by the passengers because they are helpless. Help should come with law and implementation. It is sure that a sound economy depends on a good transport system of a country. – Staff Reporter

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