Karate belt examination held in city, performance better

The belt examination of the students of Bangladesh Karate-Do was held at its central ‘dojo’ (practice venue) at Katabon, Dhaka on Friday (June 6, 2014). Kajol Das, Maya Mondal, Awlad Hossain, Md Mijanur Rahaman and Main Uddin Ahmed were the examiners.

The photographs show the ongoing test process and students with the examiners after the event.

While speaking to examinees, film fight director Kajol Das advised them to be more prompt in responding to any attack and for achieving that they will have to practice more and more.

Md Mijanur Rahaman, a karate teacher, professionally a banker, suggested the students to follow the discipline of belts and never to break it which he termed most important for making oneself a good martial artist.

Awlad Hossain, the chief coach of Bangladesh Karate-Do said, students must be loyal to the teachers. If they follow the rules properly then they will be able to become good karate figures.

Maya Mondal, manager of Bangladesh Karate-Do, sought suggestions from all for smooth running of the organisation. She also pointed out that the rent of the venue is getting higher day by day and it is now hard to run an institution dealing with martial arts.

Martial artist Main Uddin Ahmed, a journalist by profession, urged all the students to look at martial art with purity and fresh mind and go on with hard practice. “If you respect martial art it will award you respect and honour”, he added. –Report: Staff Reporter,  Photo: Kamal Hossain

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