Dan Mozena for deepening US-Bangladesh partnership

Dan Mozena, US Ambassador in Dhaka, will seek efforts to further deepen and strengthen America’s partnership with Bangladesh during his three-week visit to the United States this month. He will also lead a group of young Bangladeshi businessmen on a planned program to Wall Street (New York City) and Silicon Valley (California.)

According to a media release on Thursday,  the ambassador, throughout his three-week stay in the USA, will seek to further deepen and strengthen America’s partnership with Bangladesh.

He will take part in official consultations within the US government and with members and staff of Congress and will speak to the Heritage Foundation (Washington) on the US-Bangladesh partnership.

Dan Mozena will also present a keynote at a conference titled ‘Globalisation and Sustainability of Bangladesh Garment Industry’ at Harvard University.

He will return to Dhaka at month-end. Special Correspondent

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