Palli Mangal High School urgently needs a safe building

A new building has not been built even after six years of declaring it an abandoned one. It is about Palli Mangal High School at Zunadpur in Sonaimuri Upazila of Noakhali district.
Teachers have to teach students at the veranda of the outdated building and under a tin-shed on one side of the school field. As a result number of students is decreasing there day by day and computer and multimedia projector of the school are getting damaged becoming in touch with rain water.
The school once was very famous one which was established in 1959 on 150 decimals of donated land of late Mirza Ali Ashraf of Zunadpur village under Joyag union. The school came under MPO system in 1984 and at present it has eleven teachers and nearly 400 students.
Even after 56 years of its establishment no structural development of the school was done. In 2009 the authorities concerned declared the building abandoned due to its dilapidated and risky condition.
This correspondent talked with some students of the school recently. They narrated the poor condition of their school and said that it is almost impossible to attend classes under the tin-shed due to too much heat at summer and due to water in rainy season.
Electricity, fan, blackboard etc can not be used for teaching which is totally contrary to proper education. In any symptom of storm the students get instruction to run home as the school is in no way is a safe shelter.
Weeks ago cracks have surfaced in the building of the school due to earthquake, informed Assistant Headmaster Ali Ashraf and teacher Nilufar Yasmin. It can fall down any time, they added.
President of the school managing committee Mohammad Ali Manik said, they appealed in writing drawing the attention of the JS Speaker and education minister in this regard. Upazila education officer Md Mostafa Hossain said that after visiting the school he informed the higher authority about the poor condition of it.
UNO of Sonaimuri Upazila Dr Rahima Khatun assured that she will communicate the authorities concerned about the bad condition of the school. Local people think that the concerned directorate of the government should come forward for salvaging the school in an urgent basis. –Special Correspondent & Our Correspondent.

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