Democracy can’t tolerate subversion, conspiracy: Inu

Information Minister of Bangladesh, Hasanul Haque Inu, MP, said in Kushtia on Sunday: “There is no precedence of any democracy tolerating such subversion.”
The minister, referring to the ongoing activities of the BNP-led Alliance of Khaleda Zia, said: “Those who propose reconciliation should try to refrain Khaleda Zia from subversion and destruction, first.”
She does not bother about the sufferings of the JSC (Junior Secondary Certificate) examinees or those of the Bishwa Ijtema mussalis. She has chosen this time to launch blockades and general strikes. She is trying to protect war criminals by seizing power, unnaturally, Inu elaborated.
Inu said: “We will go tough against such acts. And subversion will be dealt with, as it is done all over the world.”
Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbub-Ul-Alam Hanif has said the people will brand the BNP a terrorist group if they don’t stop ‘covert attacks’ on people and property in the name of blockade.
Hanif, after paying respects to Bangabandhu on Saturday, said: “Fear is created by covert attacks but nothing else is gained. If they don’t stop it the people will brand them as terrorists and take measures against them”.
Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan on Sunday said BNP is resorting falsehood to go to power as they have no confidence in the people of the country.
BNP is always resorting falsehood to misguide the people to achieve ill political gains, he told a memorial meeting of late Haji Abul Hossain, organized by Bangladesh Roads Transportation Workers Federation in the city.
General Secretary of the federation Osman Ali and its other senior leaders, among others, addressed the meeting.
The BNP-Jamaat alliance is launching violent activities in the name of movement to kill the people and destroy property, Shajahan said and urged BNP to stop destructive activities in the name of movement. –Staff Reporter

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