Two allegedly thrown away to the sea en route to Malaysia?

BSF kills Bangladeshi at Mujibnagar border

Two persons, allured of foreign job, of village Patkelpota and Singhati under Sadar upazila of the district presumably lost their precious lives to the claws of manpower broker locally called ‘Adom Bepari’ and three others are missing since March last. They were given hope by the ‘Adom Bepari’ to offer them jobs in Malaysia.
According to reports, Emarul, Adom Bepari of village Singhati of the district allured the jobseekers with the commitment that after providing with the expected jobs them in Malaysia he would take taka one lakh eighty thousands per head. The jobseekers are day labourers Alamin Hossain, Masud Rana, mason Delwar Hossain of village Patkelpota and carpenters Miarul and Atiar of village Singhati under sadar upazila of Meherpur district.
Being agreed they left their villages secretly for Cox’s Bazaar as per advice of the ‘Adom Bepari’ on March 17 last for going to Malaysia by sea route. Reaching at Cox’s Bazaar they were confined in a dilapidated house by and a group of the manpower brokers demanded taka 2 lakh 30 thousand from their respective families.
According to the demand of the broker taka 9 lakh twenty thousand was paid from the four families except Alamin Hossain.
After one day they were illegally taken to Thailand by sea route. After a few days the victims informed their families that a group of Bangladeshi broker residing in Thailand confined them and demanded taka 2 lakh 10 thousand per head.
According to their overture the relatives of Delwar, Masud Rana and Miarul paid taka six lakh thirty thousand to Ripon, son of Billal Hossain of village Singhati of Sadar upazila. At that time they reported that the brokers threw away Alamin and Atiar to the sea.
Mannaf Master, father of victim Masud Rana of village Patkelpota said that he gave taka 2 lakh twenty thousand for the first time to ‘Adom Bepar Emarul’ of Singhati and later they demanded taka 2 lakh thirty thousand again reaching at Thailand border. According to their proposal he paid taka to one Emadul, son in law of Malaysia expatriate Billah Hossain. From the date they are out of contact. They failed to know the whereabouts of their sons. The family members of the ill-fated jobseekers in Malaysia have been passing their days in mental agony.
Sister-in-law of broker Emarul said, her brother-in-law was a barber who started sending passengers (jobseekers) to Malaysia from a few days back. But the relatives of the last batch not getting any trace of them and the accused Emarul left the village along with money.
A group of ‘Adom Bepari’ in Thailand informed that three persons are now in the jail of Malaysia and they knew nothing about Alamin and Atiar.
Atiar Rahman, Officer-in-Charge of Meherpur Police Station said that the ‘Adom Beparis’ are alluring the illiterate rural people and doing clandestine business which is punishable offense. He further said that police would take lawful action against the cheats.
Another report says: A Bangladesh national is reported to be a cattle trader was killed by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) on Friday night at Sonapur border under Mujibnagar upazila of Meherpur district.
The deceased was identified as Abdul Khalek, 32, son of Dulu Mollik of village Sonapur under Mujibnagar upazila of Meherpur district.
Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and local sources said some cattle traders of Sonapur village went to frontier in between 106 and 107 international demarcation pillars Friday night in order to purchase Indian cows. During the time BSF opened fire aiming them as a result he died instantly.
BGB Chuadanga-6 acting commander Anwar Zahid acknowledged the incident saying that a letter protesting the killing and for holding flag meeting is to be sent to BGB.
It may be mentioned here that every now and then BGB and BSF use to hold flag meetings committing not to open fire each other in order to maintain peace in the frontier. – Special Correspondent

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